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USO Mobile App available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

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Did you know that the USO just unveiled its first-ever free Mobile App? The USO Mobile App is available November 1, 2017 on both Apple and Android platforms. Immediate benefits, including an expedited check-in experience, get our military connected to our home away from home amenities like wi-fi, comfy couches and refreshments even faster.

The new USO Mobile App gives service members and military families the ability to find USO locations, discover programs and check-in when they arrive at our locations around the world. With the app, the USO will gain better insights as a military support organization into the usage patterns and likes and dislikes of our customers with the help of the app’s feedback features. This information will ultimately improve our programs and services at our 200 locations in six continents.

As with any new technology we’ve anticipated a few frequently asked questions and we wanted to share the answers with you before you download the app or spread the word.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still check-in if I don’t have the USO Mobile app? You bet,each center also has kiosks, which can a be used for check in and exit surveys as well! And the same email account is used for check-in on either device. What are the benefits of the app for service members?

Faster check-in, more information about USO programs and services globally, and USO will be able to adapt and innovate programs and services once we get your feedback.

Can military spouses use it?


Is there anyone who can’t use the USO Mobile app? The initial versions are designed primarily for active duty and dependents 18 or older. However, anyone can download and use the app without creating an account to find the nearest USO location and what amenities, programs and events are there.Upgrades coming soon will allow retired military to also create/reference their profileto use the app. Will someone be able to obtain my email or information once I register? No, email addresses are carefully safeguarded using industry best practice cyber protection controls. All email addresses are stored in encrypted and carefully protected locations. USO will not provide these email addresses to any third parties. Finally, we also wanted to share this short video and social media copy so that you can spread the news about this new and innovative offering on behalf of the USO and those we serve. Feel free to email, post on social and share this document with those you think will benefit from this new technology. Our mission to strengthen America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country just got an upgrade. USO Mobile App video link: Share via Social Media

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