Gaming within the USO creates new and unique opportunities for our organization to serve our service members. From 2022-2023, we saw over 1.5 MILLION TSI’s through gaming – ranging from tournaments and leagues to casual play and foot traffic. USO Gaming provides gaming capabilities through both online and in-person activations for service members and their families. Gaming exists within our centers, programs, expeditionary support, and community. Gaming activates at a local, regional, and national level and features a variety of tournaments, leagues, community events, fundraisers, and more.

Gaming continues to expand throughout the USO as we evolve our capabilities to provide mission delivery. Centers provide an integral piece of mission delivery around gaming, with new and existing spaces consistently looking to enhance or deploy gaming capabilities. Service Members on the front lines are entertained and connected to life beyond the military through USO Gaming’s Rapid Response Gaming Kits, which are portable, fully-contained gaming kits designed to support service members in the most austere locations around the world. Collaborative programming such as the MILFAM Community Game Night or Gaming Transitions Sessions creates supplemental programming bolstering existing programs within the organization.

This SharePoint page was created to provide guidance, resources, and a centralized hub for all staff to further their capabilities around gaming.

As always: good luck; Have fun!

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